Sulalaatta electronic defrosting slab elements ensure safer steps in winter conditions!

Sulalaatta non-sludge heat elements prevent freezing of areas and makes walking and traffic safer by significantly reducing the risk of accidents and damages.

We install the Finnish made Sulalaatta elements throughout the Nordic countries. For reference pictures please see

Suitable for a variety of renovation and new construction purposes for pedestrian, cycling as well as heavy traffic; For stair steps, door fronts, walkways, parking house driveways, truck loading docks.

Sulalaatta reduces the costs and time used for outdoor area maintenance and cleaning of indoor facilities. Prevents damages to automatic doors and escalators caused by accumulation of sand and slush. Helps to extend the life span of flooring materials.

The elements are installed in older buildings as surface mounts, 25 mm strong, and in new locations or with total renovation in the places reserved for them. Our products are suitable for installation on asphalt, concrete, steel and wood surfaces and larger elements can be installed directly on the ground too.

Tailor made: The elements are manufactured to size, shape and color. There are thousands of colors available and a wide variety of designs. Thanks to the surface installation method, in many cases the staircases and steps can be used normally during the installation works. In vehicle traffic sites the elements are installed in parts so traffic can be usually bypassed and in all the installation of the elements on site is very quick.

We have a large number of customers: households, care homes for the elderly, kindergartens and cities and hospitals. For information and pictures please have a look at our references at Sulalaatti is by far the most efficient and energy-efficient electronic defrosting solution in the market.

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In Finland, households deduction up to 60% and financing available.

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Sulalaatta defrosting elements have a 5 year guarantee.

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